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History of War : Romans

Game Information


History of War : Romans is a Roman themed real time strategy wargame. The game contains 12 missions (some set at night) and has an unfolding RPG storyline. Superb graphics, sound and gameplay make the experience.


History of War : Romans is a Roman themed real time strategy wargame where individual units are fielded on discrete horizontal rows. Roman units are fielded from the left, Barbarian units are fielded from the right. Each side must try to get a certain number of their units across to the opponents side to win a battle.

The game contains a large number of unit types for each side such as swordsmen, spearmen, horsemen, axemen, bowmen, centurions and legionnaires to name a few. They are fully animated and fight each other in compelling melee fights. Artillery pieces can also be fielded to provide fire support to troops.

The game features detailed graphics and sound. Torches and campfires burn and flicker in the night levels and distant mountains and hills are visible in the background. The landscape is littered with detail objects such as trees and buildings and provides context for each of the mission settings.

An engaging text briefing with an accompanying interactive map precedes each mission setting the scene.

History Of War : Romans